The Thirty Hertz Sessions 9-01-12

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 9-1-12

-Misanthrop & Aqua- Luminous III    6 Beats Deep (180bpm)
-Audio-    Sanctum – Original Mix
-Enei, MC DRS-    Obsession feat. MC DRS (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats-    Dustup (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-    Mind Over Matter (Original Mix)
-Receptor-    Punks (Original Mix)
-Skism-    Red Heat (TC Remix)
-Flame, Krot-    Damage Inc – Original Mix
-Receptor & Forbidden Society-    Forbidden Society and Receptor
-Hadouken    M.A.D – Phace Remix
-Mastaba Audio-    Raise Of Abel (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Dom & Roland-    Tajitsu – Original Mix
-Axiom, Jade-    Reality Drift (Original Mix)
-Hive & Keaton-    Bring It On – Original Mix
-Mark Knight, Skin-    Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
-Culprate    -Diablo (Original Mix)
-Ram Trilogy-    Terminal 2 – Original Mix
-Mindscape, Ryme Tyme-    Sickness Remix – Original Mix
-Enei, Charlotte James-    I Am Bad feat. Charlotte James (Enei Remix)
-Enei, Riya-    No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix)
-Ewun-    My Name Is Fame – Original Mix
-Tech Itch + Dieselboy –    Atlantic State (Gridlok Remix)
-Mattix, Futile-    Corkscrew – Original Mix
-Gridlok, Prolix-    Tru Born Playa
-Noisia-    Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)
-Mindscape-    Damn Tough – Original Mix
-Noisia-    Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix)
-Ryme Tyme, Jade-    Smashface feat. Ryme Tyme (Original Mix)
-Ryme Tyme, Jade    -Venom feat. Ryme Tyme – Mindscape Remix
-Mob Tactics-    Stick Up Kid (Prolix)
-Misanthrop-    Amboss (Original Mix)
-Misanthrop, Phace    -Energie (Original Mix)
-NOISIA-    Exodus (vocal version)
-Noisia, The Upbeats-    Blindfold (Original Mix)
-Prolix-    Who Run It (Original Mix)
-Prolix, MC Coppa-    Feed the Habit feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
-Prolix, MC Coppa-    Interlace feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
-Ryme Tyme     –                    Run It Red feat. Rymetyme
-Taxman, Original Sin-    Penamana – Original Mix
-Camo & Krooked-    Run Riot (Sub Zero Remix)
-Camo, Krooked-    Breezeblock
-DC Breaks, Skism-    Killer Ft. Dee Freer (Tantrum Desire Remix)
-Excision, Downlink    -Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix)
-HendyTheRipper-    SECOND SKIN – LOADSTAR (TheRipper DNB Record) FREE
-Afrojack, Eva Simons-    Take Over Control feat. Eva Simons – Drumsound & Bassline Smith Mix
-Camo & Krooked    -Get Dirty feat. TC (Smooth Remix)
-Ebony Dubsters –    The Power of Ra (Original Sin Remix)
-Callide-    Ecstasy Rising – Original Mix
-Callide    -Sanctuary (Original Mix)
-Callide-    A Way To Get The Answer – Original Mix
-Dub Professors-    Stacking Not Slacking (Original Mix)
-Dub Zero-    Get Up – Original Mix
-Original Sin-    Back For More – Original Mix
-Shufunk    -Scumbag (Dub Peddla Remix)
-Tyke, Callide-    Set Style – Original Mix
-Original Sin-    Therapy
-Original Sin-    No Fear (Original Mix)
-DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman-    Look To The Future (TC remix)
-Clipz-    Push It Up – (TC Remix)
-Macky Gee-    Sewer Scum (Northern Lights Remix)
-Greenlaw-    Less of a star feat. DJSS
-DJ Vapour-    Paper Cuts (Callide Remix)
-Grimm, Sub Zero, Supreme Being-    Why Cant You See feat. Grimm (Original Mix)
-Taxman, Original Sin-    Casino (Original Sin VIP)

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