The Thirty Hertz Sessions 1-05-13

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 01-05-13

Ringing in the new year with a solid 2hrs of DnB music. Doing what I always do is bringing those fresh tunes to keep you moving. So get it locked.
-Total Science- Dramaz (Original Mix)
-Break- All That’s Left (Original Mix)
-Break- The Clamp (Original Mix)
-Digital, Outrage- Final Demand – S.P.Y. Remix
-Krome and Time- Ganja Man (S.P.Y. and Total Science Remix)
-Serum, Bladerunner- Warriors – Original Mix
-Top Cat- Ruffest Gun Ark – Chase & Status Mix
-DJ Nut Nut- Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
-Total Science, S.P.Y.- Jericho – Original Mix
-Break, Silent Witness, Survival- Conference Call (Original Mix)
-Break, SpectraSoul- Martyr (feat. Spectrasoul) (Original Mix)
-A.M.C, MC Phantom- Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)
-Audio- Headroom (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee- Skank (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee- Nothing I Can Say (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee- The Quest (Break Remix)
-Cause4Concern- Lowlife (Original Mix)
-DJ Fresh- Off World
-Mr Explicit- Dirty Bitch (Original Mix)
-Noisia- Friendly Intentions – Original Mix
-Red Tape- Subway Hooligans (Original Mix)
-Project B- Skyraider (Original Mix)
-Ulterior Motive- It’s On feat. Codebreaker (Original Mix)
-Future Cut- Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix)
-Rido- Twisted VIP (feat. Thomas Oliver) (Original Mix)
-A.M.C- Hacker (Original Mix)
-Rene Lavice- Absolute Monster (Original Mix)
-London Elektricity- U Gotta B Crazy (Enei Remix)
-Dom & Roland- Cigars N Money (Original Mix)
-Q Project, 8 Bits- Low End Theory (Original Mix)
-Caspa- War feat. Keith Flint (Hazard Remix)
-Bass Brothers- Foundation (Original Mix)
-Joe Syntax- Bassline Sinker (Original Mix)
-Kije- Echo (Original Mix)
-Fineprint- Ghost (Original Mix)
-Break- Between The Lines (feat. SP MC) (Original Mix)
-Break- Too Much (Original Mix)
-Teknian- Desperados
-Gridlok, Prolix- Tru Born Playa
-Teebee- Submerged (Teebee & Calyx remix)
-Optiv, BTK- Zero Hour (Original Mix)
-BTK- Drop It (Optiv Remix)
-Concord Dawn, Optiv- Zulu (Dose Remix)
-Optiv, BTK- Mind Over Matter (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Gateway (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Kingpin (Original Mix)
-Wilkinson- Direction (Original Mix)
-Curfew- Vandal (Original Mix)
-Wilkinson- Moonwalker – Original Mix
-Wilkinson- Refugee – Original Mix
-Axiom, Jade- Reality Drift (Original Mix)
-Mark Knight, Skin- Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats- Dustup (Original Mix)
-Kung -Brainsmoke (Original Mix)
-Freestylers feat Pendulum & SirRea-l Painkiller (Noisia remix)
-Blokhe4d- Gutter Queen – Original Mix
-Mindscape- Warp Zone (Original Mix)
-Scinetyc Sayonara- Sukosi Iki (Original Mix)
-Dextems- Radium
-Phace- Desert Orgy
-Mindscape- Critters feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
-ID, The Prototypes- Blackout Ft ID (Original Mix)
-Prolix – It’s On Like That Ft. MC Coppa

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