The Thirty Hertz Sessions 11-24-12

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 11-24-12

This week on the radio. I brought a various amounts of styles & flavors.. Loads of new tunes, Some classic ones, but always just keepin it heavy & bangin. So keep it locked every week.

-Q Project, 8 Bits- Low End Theory (Original Mix)
-Enei,London Elektricity- U Gotta B Crazy (Enei Remix)
-A.M.C- Hacker (Original Mix)
-Enei, Eastcolors- 2012 (Original Mix)
-Enei, Drs- The Moment feat. DRS (Original Mix)
-Enei- Centrifuge (Original Mix)
-A.M.C, MC Phantom- Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee- Skank (Original Mix)
-Noisia- Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix)
-Enei- Machines (Original Mix)
-Drs- Count To Ten Ft Enei (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee, Craze, Foreign Beggars- We Become One Ft Foreign Beggars & Craze (Original Mix)
-Noisia- Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)
-Gridlok, Prolix- Tru Born Playa
-Krewella- Killin’ It (Dirtyphonics Remix)
-DC Breaks- Babylon – Original Mix
-Mason, Dstar- Still At War feat. Mental Sharp – Original Mix
-TeeBee- Submerged (Teebee & Calyx remix)
-Neosignal- Childhood Memories (Neosignal Remix)
-Enei, Riya- No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix)
-Tech Itch + Dieselboy- Atlantic State (Gridlok Remix)
-Noisia, Giovanca- My World (Original Mix)
-Caspa, Keith Flint- War feat. Keith Flint (Hazard Remix)
-Original Sin- Monster (Original Mix)
-Culprate- Diablo (Original Mix)
-Original Sin- Therapy (Remix)
-Original Sin- Bastard Killer
-Supreme Being- Got Milk – Original Mix
-Original Sin- My Skool – Original Mix
-Major Lazer- Hold The Line (Cyantific & Wilkinson Remix)
-Camo & Krooked- Hot Pursuit (Funtcase Remix)
-Serum, Northern Lights- Get Mash Up (Original Mix)
-Hive & Keaton- Bring It On – Original Mix
-Mark Knight, Skin- Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
-Axiom, Jade- Reality Drift (Original Mix)
-Neocube- Feel Me (Original Mix)
-Breakage, Jess Mills- Fighting Fire – Loadstar Remix
-Original Sin- Without You
-BassBrothers- Mr Jungle (Original Mix)
-SIGMA- The Jungle (Sub Zero remix)
-BTK- Drop It (Optiv Remix)
-Kemo, Enei- Saligia feat. Kemo (Original Mix)
-Crystal Clear, Zen- Heavy (VIP)
-Taxman- Scan Darker – Original Mix
-Taxman, DJ Panik- Dread Or Alive – Taxman Remix
-DJ Hazard- Tactix
-Benga & Coki- Night (Digital Soundboy Remix)
-Martsman- Halow (Original Mix)
-Kung- Brainsmoke (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats- Dustup (Original Mix)
-Audio- Headroom (Original Mix)
-Smooth- Music Takes Me Higher – Original Mix
-The Prototypes- Subterrestrial (VIP)
-VARIOUS Meditation-
-Mefjus, Neonlight- Hot Glue (Original Mix)
-Audio- Prototype – Original Mix
-Ryme Tyme, Jade- Venom feat. Ryme Tyme – Mindscape Remix
-Loadstar Kaoss – Original Mix
-Phetsta, Shock One Crucify Me Part 1- (Extended DnB Mix)

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