The Thirty Hertz Sessions 12-22-12

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 12-22-12

As always on this weeks show showcasing the various flavors of DnB. Everything from that dark, techy minimal stylee all the way to those jump Up dancefloor smashers. So get it locked for the next 2hrs of bass.

-Nick F.M – FilthFM Intro
-Ulterior Motive, Krakota- Minesweeper
-Ulterior Motive, Codebreaker- It’s On feat. Codebreaker
-Mindscape, MC Coppa- Critters feat. MC Coppa
-Mindscape- Stardust
-VARIOUS- Meditation
-The Prototypes- Subterrestrial (VIP)
-Prolix- Who Run It
-NOISIA- Exodus (vocal version)
-Noisia, Foreign Beggars- Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars) – DJ Edit
-Noisia- Friendly Intentions – Original Mix
-Audio- Headroom
-Calyx, TeeBee- Skank
-A.M.C, MC Phantom- Fatal Attraction
-Calyx, TeeBee- The Quest (Break Remix)
-Cause4Concern- Lowlife
-Drs- Renegade Ft S.P.Y & Kemo
-Enei -Centrifuge
-Enei-The Moment feat. DRS
-Project B- Skyraider
-Red Tape- Subway Hooligans
-Audio, Mindscape, Stapleton- Truth Hurts
-Future Cut- Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix)
-Rene Lavice- Absolute Monster
-DJ Hazard- Never the Same
-Heavy Hittahz- Bad Dreams
-Majistrate, Nicol- Age Of Aquarius
-Original Sin- Therapy (VIP)
-Tyke, Callide Set Style
-Callide -88 Track
-Heavy Hittaz, Shufunk- Let The Bass Kick
-Serum- Urban Gorilla
-Taxman -I Dreamt Music
-Original Sin- Back For More
-Impulse The Antichrist (VIP)
-Original Sin- My Skool
-Dub Zero- Get Up
-Dub Zero- Come With It
-Serum- Tickatock Bass
-Original Sin- Vegas
-Drastik Measures- Fiyaahh
-Taxman- Cool It Judy
-Cue- Shaking Hands With Danger
-Original Sin- Mad World )
-Sub Zero, Ozma- Phantoma
-Camo & Krooked- Run Riot (Sub Zero Remix)
-SIGMA- The Jungle (Sub Zero remix)
-DJSS- We Came To Entertain (Subzero Remix)
-DP, Promenade- Get It
-Slum Dogz- Keep The Place Hoppin
-Slum Dogz- The Fire
-Hazard, D Minds- Mr Happy
-FRICTION- Robocop (Taxman remix)
-Cue- Rusty Screwnail
-DJ Hazard- Food Fight
-Break- Unite – Original Mix
-Kemo, Lynx- Dangerous feat. Alix Perez
-Taxman- Too Bad VIP
-Krome and Time- Ganja Man (Jaydan Remix)
-Danny Byrd- Blaze the Fire (Rah!) ft. General Levy (Stray Remix)
-Break -Don’t Look Down (ft. Calyx & Teebee)
-A.M.C- Hacker
-Rido- Twisted VIP (feat. Thomas Oliver)
-Scinetyc -Sayonara Sukosi Iki
-Axiom, Jade- Reality Drift )
-Mark Knight, Skin- Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)
-The Prototypes- Pandora
-Hive & Keaton- Bring It On
-Hamilton- -Soundboy (VIP)
-Gridlok – Tuscan Raider

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