The Thirty Hertz Sessions 1-12-13

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 1-12-13

This week on the show we had resident Zodiak bringing the funk with some Dubstep, Trap & then booming into some killer DnB for the first hour & then myself bringing it for the 2nd hour with those heavy flavors of Dnb. So get it locked

-Nick F.M-    30hz Filth FM Intro
-Bassbin Twins-    Whistle Choon – Original Mix
-Ohmen-    OhmenTune
-Black, White-    2Bad 2Rude (Schema Remix)
-Katy B-    Katy On A Mission – Original Mix
-Benga-    Electro West
-Rusko-    Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)
-Kennedy Jones-    Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)_
-Kennedy Jones-    Chuckie & Hardwell Ft. Ambush – Move It To The Drum Tech Mix (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)
-Prime Source-    Classic (Original Mix)
-Serum, Northern Lights-    Rush (Original Mix)
-Sappo    -Self Destruct (Cabbie Remix)
-DJ Stretch-    Papa Lover (Serum Remix)
-Cubist-    Tomorrow (Original Mix)
-Iron Hands-    Call In Sick (Original Mix)
-Shuta-    Don’t Be a Jerk (Original Mix)
-Macky Gee-    Money Maker (Original Mix)
-Carbon, Ironlung-    No Life (Original Mix)
-Syanide-    Im Feeling High (Original Mix)
-Frank Dewulf-    Moral Soundabuse (Serum & Bladerunner Remix)
-Majistrate-    Big Deal (Original Mix)
-Capo, DJ Sly-    Mister DJ (Original Mix)
-Serum-    Look Sharp VIP (Original Mix)
-D Minds-    Ghost Town VIP (Original Mix)
-Fineprint-    Ghost (Original Mix)
-Evil Quest-    Real Badman (Original Mix)
-Jade-    Pulp Friction (Original Mix)
-The Upbeats, Ned Worboys-    Bones (Original Mix)
-The Upbeats, Trei-    The Stars (Original Mix)
-Gridlok, The Upbeats-    The Jitters (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats-    Sacrifice (Original Mix)
-Fierce, Break-    Hooligan (Original Mix)
-Rewind-    I Got A Feeling (Original Mix)
-Serum-    Deadly Venom (Original Mix)
-Top Cat-    Ruffest Gun Ark – Chase & Status Mix
-DJ Nut Nut-    Special Dedication (Sigma Remix)
-Shy FX-    Bambaata (Break Remix)
-Break-    Unite – Original Mix
-Break, SpectraSoul-    Martyr (feat. Spectrasoul) (Original Mix)
-Red Tape-    Subway Hooligans (Original Mix)
-Audio-    Headroom (Original Mix)
-Enei-    Centrifuge (Original Mix)
-Noisia-    Diplodocus
-A.M.C,- MC Phantom    Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)
-DJ Hazard-    Never the Same (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee, Craze, Foreign Beggars-    We Become One Ft Foreign Beggars & Craze (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee-    Skank (Original Mix)
-Cause4Concern-    Lowlife (Original Mix)
-DJ Fresh-    Off World
-Taxman-    Cool It Judy (Original Mix)
-Original Sin-    Mad World (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures-    Fiyaahh – Original Mix
-Cue-    Shaking Hands With Danger (Original Mix)
-DJ Hazard-    Killers – Original Mix
-DJ Hazard-    Machete – VIP Mix
-Heavy Hittahz-    Bad Dreams
-Jayline-    More than Heavy
-Heavy Hittaz, Shufunk-    Let The Bass Kick – Original Mix
-Tyke, Callide-    Set Style – Original Mix

-Original Sin – Therapy V.I.P

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