The Thirty Hertz Sessions 1-19-13

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 1-19-13

This week on the show I started things off with something a little different. I TRAPPED it up for the first 20mins giving everything to set a club off to. Then for after I sped it up & moved into some DnB bringing you all those hard & heavy sounds to keep your feet moving & head nodding. Press play & let the soothing bass sounds move through you for the next 2hrs.

You can stream audio & video every Sat from 2-4pm / 22-00 GMT via the links below:
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-Nick F.M -30hz Filth FM Intro
-Darude – SandTRAP (Mcgutter & Nick F.M Ravey Remix)
-Bro Safari & UFO!- 2012
-Alex Young- Boomerang
-Gent & Jawns- TURNUP
-Rel the Soundbender- Superior
-Josh Money- Love Like That Again (Mathman Remix)
-Nero- Won’t You (Be There) (Baauer Remix)
-Ryan Marks- Fiji (Dell Harris Remix)
-Helicopter Showdown- Can U Feel Me (Antiserum Remix)
-Antiserum & Mayhem- Brick Squad Anthem
-Ookay- Jacob Van Hage & Saint Liz – Voodoo (Ookay Trap Remix)
-Baauer- Like A Harlem Pimp Ft David Banner
-Baauer- Harlem Shake
-Yung Joc- Goin Down (Milo & Otis Unoriginal Mix)
-Rell The SoundBender – Grimey Thirsty
-Diplo – Express Yourself (Gent & Jawns Remix)
-DJ Hazard & D Minds- Mr Happy (Hydraulix Trap Remix) mstr
-Hazard, D Minds- Mr Happy – Original Mix
-Tantrum Desire- Here They Come
-Slum Dogz- Keep The Place Hoppin – Original Mix
-Slum Dogz- The Fire – Original Mix
-Original Sin- Phantasm – Original Mix
-Drastik Measures- Fiyaahh – Original Mix
-DJ Vapour, Jem One- Promises Promises (Original Mix)
-Serum -Look Sharp VIP (Original Mix)
-Serum, Bladerunner- Who Jah Bless – Original Mix
-Fierce, S.P.Y- Borderline (Original Mix)
-Shy FX- Bambaata (Break Remix)
-Andy C & Fresh- Mo’ Fire (Andy C & Fresh Remix)
-Phace- Stresstest (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Mayhem- Choke feat. MC Verse (Original Mix)
-Noisia- Omissions (Original Mix)
-Noisia- Concussion (Original Mix)
-Konflict- Messiah (Noisia Remix)
-The Upbeats, Dose- Raiders (Original Mix)
-The Upbeats- The Weka (Original Mix)
-TeeBee, Noisia- Lost Cause (Original Mix)
-Jade- Dirt Driver (Axiom & Mindscape Remix)
-A.M.C- Hacker (Original Mix)
-Kung- Brainsmoke (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats- Dustup (Original Mix)
-BTK– Drop It (Optiv Remix)
-Gridlok, The Upbeats- The Jitters (Original Mix)
-Fierce, Break- In Limbo (Original Mix)
-Break- Slipstream (Original Mix)
-Break- Here We Go (Original Mix)
-Kaiza, Mefjus, Bowsar- Gravitational Lensing (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Dom & Roland- Tajitsu – Original Mix
-Calyx, TeeBee- Warrior
-Evol Intent- Middle Of The Night – LP Mix
-Dieselboy- N /V/D – Counterstrike’s Zentraedi Remix
-Gridlok, Jamal- Tuscan Raider (Original Mix)
-Toronto is Broken- Cold Contact
-Original Sin- 3000 Miles Ft. Roly Mc & Jaydan
-Krewella- Killin’ It (Dirtyphonics Remix)
-Noisia- Tommy’s Theme (Loadstar Remix)
-Cyantific 305 – Original Mix
-Cyantific- Infinity Plus 1 (Original Mix)
-Wilkinson- Pistol Whip (Original Mix)
-Curfew- Vandal (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Kingpin (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Gateway (Original Mix)
-Wilkinson- Moonwalker – Original Mix
-Wilkinson- Automatic (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK, Sam Wills- Understand Ft Sam Wills (Original Mix)
-Audio- Headroom (Original Mix)
-A.M.C, MC Phantom- Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)
-S.P.Y -Stormtrooper (Original Mix)
-Enei- Stonehead (Original Mix)
-Alix Perez- Down The Line (Break Remix)
-Break, Silent Witness, Survival- Conference Call (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee, Beardyman- You’ll Never Take Me Alive Ft. Beardyman (Original Mix)
-Red Tape -Subway Hooligans (Original Mix)
-A.M.C, MC Phantom- Fatal Attraction (Original Mix)

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