The Thirty Hertz Sessions 3-02-13

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 3-02-13

This week on The Thirty Hertz Sessions. I start if off for the first hour bringing you those sweet sweet sound sub bass riddims. Then we had a very special guest mix brought to you by non other than G’Dun reppin Under Pressure & RufNek Ent. Lacing up his mix with nothing but high energy double dropping madness. So get it locked for the next 2hrs of hard hittin bass.

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Tracklisting for Nick F.M only.
-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro_New
-Levela- Dreaming (Supreme Being Remix)
-Northern Lights, Macky Gee – Sewer Scum (Northern Lights Remix)
-Gridlok- Insecticide (Original Mix)
-Cern, DLR, Octane – Rawness feat. Cern (Original Mix)
-DC Breaks- Shaman (Original Mix)
-Fourward- Mudlark (Original Mix)
-J Majik & Wickaman- Fight It (Original Mix)
-Fourward- Steady State VIP (VIP Mix)
-Maztek – Limber (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Sabretooth (Audio Remix)
-Maztek – Limber (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Hack and Slash (Original Mix)
-Cern, Dabs- Oh The Horror (Original Mix)
-Criminal Intent- Asylum (Original Mix)
-Styles Of Beyond- Subculture (The Upbeats Remix)
-Audio- Control Freak (Original Mix)
-Dextems – Radium
-Soundpheakers- Terrorist
-Jade – Bitch – Audio Remix
-Kung- Brainsmoke (Original Mix)
-Black Sun Empire, Bulletproof, State Of Mind- Roulette (Gridlok Remix)
-Optiv, BTK – Drop the Funk (Original Mix)
-Fourward- Streetknowledge (Original Mix)
-Rene Lavice- So Inspired To Fail (Original Mix)
-Die & Break- Tear Down (Original Mix)
-Break – Slow Down (VIP Mix)
-Fourward, Youthstar- Aftermath (Original Mix)
-Serum, Bladerunner- Heavy Duty (Original Mix)
-Kitcha, Steppa- House of Pain (Serum Remix)
-Serum, Northern Lights- Bad Boys (Original Mix)
-Rhythm Section- Comin’ On Strong – Slumdogz Mix
-Drastik Measures- Side-Effect (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures- Cosmic Radiation (Original Mix)
Then G’Dubn for next hour…

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