The Thirty Hertz Sessions 3-08-13

The Thirty Hertz Sessions 3-08-13

So welcome to the show. This was our first official show on Fridays and it went off. On this episode I bring a various amounts of styles of DnB. So get it locked for the next 2hrs of that hard hittin DnB music.

You can stream audio & video every Fri from 6-8pm / 2-4 GMT via the links below:
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-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
-Serum, Bladerunner-        Heavy Duty (Original Mix)
-Rewind    –    Come Selecta (Original Mix)
-J Majik & Wickaman-        Fight It (Original Mix)
-Kitcha, Steppa-        House of Pain (Serum Remix)
-Mampi Swift-        Gangster (Original Mix)
-Gridlok    –    Insecticide (Original Mix)
-Cern, Dose, Teknik-        Huntsville (Original Mix)
-Cause4Concern-        Something Else (Break Remix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Drop the Funk (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Hack and Slash (Original Mix)
-J Majik & Wickaman-        Beyond Our Dreams (Original Mix)
-Fourward-        Talk to Me (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Sabretooth (Audio Remix)
-The Upbeats-        Big Skeleton (Original Mix)
-Audio    –    Control Freak (Original Mix)
-Kung-        Brainsmoke (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats-        Dustup (Original Mix)
-Blokhe4d-        Gutter Queen – Original Mix
-Freestylers feat Pendulum & SirReal-        Painkiller (Noisia remix)
-Audio    –    Headroom (Original Mix)
-Mindscape, MC Coppa-        Critters feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
-Calyx, TeeBee    –    The Quest (Break Remix)
-Calyx, TeeBee, Beardyman-        You’ll Never Take Me Alive Ft. Beardyman (Original Mix)
-Prolix    –    Who Run It (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Gateway (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Kingpin (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK-        Gateway (Original Mix)
-Ryme Tyme-                             Run It Red feat. Rymetyme
-Taxman, Original Sin-        Penamana – Original Mix
-Levela-        Dreaming (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures    –    Side-Effect (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures-        Cosmic Radiation (Original Mix)
-Supreme Being    –    Audio Skank (VIP)
-Original Sin-        Mad World (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures-        Fiyaahh – Original Mix
BassBrothers-        Keep On  (Original Mix)
-Taxman    –    Cool It Judy (Original Mix)
-Cue-        Shaking Hands With Danger (Original Mix)
-Rhythm Section-        Comin’ On Strong – Slumdogz Mix
-Top Cat    –    Friend in Need (Heist Remix)
-Dub Zero-        Come With It – Original Mix
-Kid Cudi    –    Day ‘N’ Nite (TC Remix)
-Jade-        Pulp Friction (Original Mix)
-Culture Shock-        Troglodyte (Original Mix)
-Enei,London Elektricity-        U Gotta B Crazy (Enei Remix)
-Calyx, TeeBee-        Skank (Original Mix)
-Fourward-        Steady State VIP (VIP Mix)
-Rene Lavice-        So Inspired To Fail (Original Mix)
-Cyantific    –    Infinity Plus 1 (Original Mix)
-Total Science, Break-        Going in Circles (Break Remix)
-Break    –    The Clamp – Original Mix
-Mr Explicit-        Danger (Original Mix)
-Ryme Tyme, Jade-        Venom feat. Ryme Tyme – Mindscape Remix
-Gridlok, Prolix-        Tru Born Playa
-Konflict    –    Messiah (Noisia Remix)
-NOISIA-        Exodus (vocal version)
-Noisia, Foreign Beggars-        Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars) -DJ Edit
-Kaiza, Mefjus, Bowsar-        Gravitational Lensing (Original Mix)
-Axiom, Jade-        Reality Drift (Original Mix)
-Mark Knight, Skin-        Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)

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