The Thirty Hertz Sessions 7-26-13

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Thirty Hertz Sessions. This week I brought all types of flavors of not only DnB , but Glitchy goodness, 110 breaks, Moombah, Dubstep. So get it locked for the next 2hrs, because we’re taking over 1 bass line at a time. Fokus.FM

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our new home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Friday from 6-8pm PST / 2-4 GMT
You can also subscribe to the show via Itunes

-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions (Intro)
-The McMash Clan, Kate Mullins- Swing Break feat. Kate Mullins (Original Mix)
-Datsik – Light The Fuse (Original Mix)
-Metrik, ShockOne, Kyza- Lazerbeam Feat. Metrik & Kyza (Skism Remix)
-Foreign Beggars – Apex
-Doctor P, Dillon Francis- Music Is Dead (Original Mix)
-Doctor P -Flying Spaghetti Monster (Original Mix)
-Culprate, Maksim – Nightmares In Reality (Original Mix)
-Disprove – Gear Bot (Original Mix)
-Virus Syndicate, Mark Instinct- Venom (Extended DJ Mix)
-Excision, Downlink -Reploid – Neon Steve Remix
-Disprove -Thumper (Original Mix)
-I Am Legion- Make Those Move (Original Mix)
-Time, Krome- The Licence (Doctor P Remix)
-Doctor P – Galaxies & Stars feat. Ce’Cile (Original Mix)
-Document One, Maksim- Locked In feat. Maksim (Original Mix)
-Skism – Power (Eptic Remix)
-Genetix – Squid Attack (FuntCase Remix)
-Camo & Crooked- Hot Pursuit (Funtcase Remix) Nick FM Edit
-Flux Pavilion- Do Or Die (FuntCase Remix)
-Dee Bo General- The Specialist (Northern Lights Remix)
-Code Red- Immortal (for Kaylo) (Original Mix)
-Substainless- Western Killer (Original Mix)
-Nu Elementz- Rif Raf (Original Mix)
-Jayline- Indirect Attack (Original Mix)
-Cue- Rusty Screwnail (Original Mix)
-Prestige – Can’t Hide (Original Mix)
-The Run Tingz Cru- Informer (Aries Jungle Remix)
-K.Ners, Run Tingz Cru, Blackout J.A- Informer feat. Blackout J.A & K.Ners (Northern Lights Jump Up Remix)
-Inner Circle – Bad Boys
-Ed Solo, Deekline – Bad Boyz Original Mix)
-Top Cat, Rebel MC – Champion DJ (Serial Killaz VIP Remix)
-Serial Killaz, Psychofreud- Boom Wha Dis (Serial Killaz Remix)
-Echo Park, SpectraSoul- S.O.U.R. Feat. Echo Park (Rockwell Remix)
-TC – New Style (Original Mix)
-Skream, Friction, Riko Dan, Scrufizzer, P Money – Kingpin Ft Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan (Rockwell Remix)
-Clock & Carvar- Miskatonik (Original Mix)
-Optiv, BTK- Bad Attitude (Orriginal)
-Audio – Headroom (Original Mix)
-Effector – Revival (Original Mix)
-Mindscape, MC Coppa- Critters feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
-ID, The Prototypes – Blackout Ft ID (Original Mix)
-Mefjus, InsideInfo – Mythos (Original Mix)
-Dub Head- Freestyle (Original Mix)
-7th Sense- Chromestar (Dabs Remix)
-Cern, Borderline – Futurus (Original Mix)
-Command Strange – Hyperbug
-Neocube -Feel Me (Original Mix)
-Big Black Delta- Betamax (Kove Remix)
-Technimatic- Frozen Leaves (Original Mix)
-Technimatic- Intersection (Original Mix)
-Jaydan – Late Night Drive (Original Mix)
-Cern, Concord Dawn, Bulletproof- Burn At The Stake feat. Cern & Bulletproof (Original Mix)
-Loxy, J.Robinson – Each & Every (Original Mix)
-Cern, J.Robinson- Tidal (Original Mix)
-Skittles, Dub Phizix – I’m A Creator (Original Mix)
-Light Of Night- Frozen Heart (Original Mix)
-Hamilton, Blackout – L.O.V.E (Hamilton Remix)
-Metrik – Break of Dawn (Original Mix)
-Metrik – Engine Room (Original Mix)
-Document One, Maksim, Tigerlight- Moving Together (TC Remix)
-Black Sun Empire – Dawn of a Dark Day feat. Foreign Beggars (Prolix Remix)
-Freestylers feat Pendulum & SirReal- Painkiller (Noisia remix)
-Reso – War Machine – Original Mix
-Davip, Encode- Vamanos – Original Mix
-Messinian, Kurk Kokane- Speakers On Blast (Original Mix)
-SPL, 12th Planet – Lootin’ 92 VIP (Original Mix)
-Messinian, Kombat – We Ridin’ (Original Mix)
-Metrik -T-2000 (Original Mix)
-Terravita – Lockdown (Bare Remix)

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