The Thirty Hertz Sessions 8-02-13

This week on the show fellow resident Zodiak joined myself on a 3hr bass journey, with all the flavors of DnB you know & love. So get it locked, where we’re taking over one bass line at a time. .

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our new home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Friday from 6-8pm PST / 2-4 GMT
You can also subscribe to the show via Itunes

Zodiaks Playlist::
-Thirty Hertz Sessions intro
-You Must Think First (Shimon 2007 Remix)
-Planet X – Vicious Circle Remix
-Screw Up – Original Mix
-Cop Killa
-Built For War (Allied Remix)
-You Better Run (Crystal Clear Remix)
-Memory Lapse (Original Mix)
–Nautilus (Original Mix)
-Gold Chain – Drum & Bass Edit
-Tomorrow (Original Mix)
-The Darkside Of The Moon (2006 DJ Hidden & Eye-D Remix)
-Outspoken (Original Mix)
-Stars – Zero T Remix
-Pyramid Scheme (Original Mix)
-Windrush – Heist Remix
-Everything (Original Mix)
-Get wit Dis
-09_Gutter Skank – Original Mix
-Woke Up (Original Mix)
-Jump Drive (Original Mix)
-D Is For Danger
-Send Dem (Original Mix)
-Be Kool (Original Mix)
-Set Style – Original Mix
-Tear Down (Original Mix)
-Blaze It Up Feat. Million Dan (Original Mix)
-Father – (VIP 2010)
-Survive – Original Mix
-Rudi – Original Mix
-Calling – Original Mix
-Ghost – Original Mix
-On the Floor VIP 30sec
-In The Cut – Original Mix
-Gangsta Shit ( Remix)
-Killah Supreme (Original Mix)
-In The Groove
-Nah Test – Original Mix
-What U Know – Serjah 9 Drumstep Mix
-Penamana – Original Mix
-Robocop (Taxman remix)
-Trapped (Original Mix)
-More Than Ever NSD VIP (NSD VIP)
-Hold On – Crissy Criss Drumstep Mix
-Daylight (Drumstep Mix)
-Clarity (Brillz Remix)
-Suavemente VIP

..::Nick F.Ms Playlist:

-Alex Young – Boomerang
-Darude – SandTRAP (Mcgutter & Nick F.M Ravey Remix)
-Major Lazer- Hold Us clean
-TC- Tap Ho (Crucial Taunt Remix)
-TC- Tap Ho (Taxman Remix) (Original Mix)
-Clock & Carvar – SYZYGY (Original Mix)
-Zardonic, Throttler, Lowbss – Hypnotized (Black Sun Empire Remix)
-Nouwa -Wild West (Original)
-Optiv, BTK- Malfunction
-Mefjus, InsideInfo- Mythos (Original Mix)
-Clock & Carvar- Miskatonik (Original Mix)
-Nphonix, Teddy Killerz- Earth Shaker (Original Mix)
-Nphonix, Teddy Killerz- Scary (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Mayhem – Drop the Funk (Original Mix)
-Jade – Dirt Driver (Axiom & Mindscape Remix)
-Document One, Maksim, Tigerlight- Moving Together (TC Remix)
-Dirtyphonics, Modestep – Los Angeles (feat. Modestep) (Original Mix)
-Counterstrike – Empire (Audio Remix)
-task horizon- idrive fT. Mc Spyda
-Black Sun Empire – Dawn of a Dark Day feat. Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix)
-Pendulum- Self vs Self (feat In Flames)
-Loadstar – Bomber (Original Mix)
-Raw Theory- Meltdown (Original Mix)
-Hamilton- You Had It (Original Mix)
-Hamilton, Blackout – L.O.V.E (Hamilton Remix)
-Nu:Logic – We Live There feat. DRS (VIP)
-Jaydan- Lonely Days (Original Mix)
-Jaydan- Late Night Drive (Original Mix)
-Dr Meaker- Fighter (Unreal Remix)
-Taxman – Cool It Judy (Original Mix)
-Cue – Shaking Hands With Danger (Original Mix)
-Code Red- Immortal (for Kaylo) (Original Mix)
-Substainless- Bad Generation (Original Mix)
-Sub Zero – Run n Hide (Konichi Remix)
-Renegade- Unseen Force (Original Mix)
-Drastik Measures – Death Squad (Original Mix)
-K.Ners, Run Tingz Cru, Blackout J.A- Informer feat. Blackout J.A & K.Ners (Northern Lights Jump Up Remix)
-Dee Bo General – The Specialist (Northern Lights Remix)
-Dangerous, Samy Nicks- Rokit Fuel (Original Mix)
-Black Sun Empire, Bulletproof, State Of Mind- Roulette (Gridlok Remix)
-Optiv, BTK – Whatever (Original Mix)
-Usual Suspects- Killa Bees (InsideInfo Remix)
-Prolix, Dose- Serial Sinner (Original Mix)
-Fierce, Break- Hooligan (Original Mix)
-Phobia – Voltage (Original Mix)
-7th Sense- Chromestar (Dabs Remix)

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