The Thirty Hertz Sessions 10-11-13

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Welcome again to another hard hitting episode of the show. This week in lack of previous weeks that being DnB. I have filled this show withing nothing but the freshest beats out released & un-released. Nuero, Techy, Jumpup, Minimal, Drumstep, etc.. This is action packed for the next 2hrs. So get it locked!!!!!!!!!!

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-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
-Callide & Intraspekt – Axis
-Callide & Intraspekt – The Future
-Callide & Intraspekt – Uninvited
-Mediks – Cannibals feat. KJ Sawka (Original Mix)
-Mediks – Don’t Let Go feat. Sarah Watson (Original Mix)
-Camo & Krooked- Aurora feat. Metrik (Original Mix)
-Camo & Krooked- All Night (Original Mix)
-Dirtyphonics, Liela Moss- Hanging on Me (feat. Liela Moss) (Slogun & Ioh Remix)
-Reso, Vent- Rumble (DC Breaks Remix)
-Callide – Step Back Ft. Grooverider
-Future Cut- Whiplash (Verb Remix)
-Dose – Abandoned
-Stealth, Cold Fusion- Frontin (Original Mix)
-Audio – Blackhole (Original Mix)
-Spirit, Digital- Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
-Xtrah- Going Deeper (Original Mix)
-Maztek – Crawler (Original Mix)
-Prolix- Watch Ur Step (Original Mix)
-Nphonix, Paimon, Place 2B- Deadly Funk (Original Mix)
-Nickbee – Era (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Evol Intent – The Liquid (Original Mix)
-Clock & Carvar- SYZYGY (Original Mix)
-Cause4Concern – Soul (Mob Tactics Remix)
-Frankee – Black Heart (Original)
-Livewire – Deadbeat (Original Mix)
-Interface- Get Lo (Original Mix)
-Serum- Run It (Original Mix)
-Cue – Shaking Hands With Danger (Original Mix)
-Taxman- Cool It Judy (Original Mix)
-Delphi Productions- Semi.Auto
-DJ Hybrid- Shaolin Skank
-Callide – Bad Dreams
-Ulterior Motive, Judda- Timekeeper (Original Mix)
-DJ Hazard- Time Tripping (Original Mix)
-Mefjus, M-force, Maksim MC – Struggle & Pain (ft. Maskim) (Original Mix)
-L 33 – Back Down (Original Mix)
-Stereotype, MC Temper- Reality feat. MC Temper (Original Mix)
-Agressor Bunx – Sleeping Sun (Original Mix)
-Gridlok – Bottomfeeder (Gridlok Remix)
-Prolix, Silent Witness- Stale Habits (Original Mix)
-Cause4Concern- Peepshow (Audio Remix)
-Cern, Dabs- Oh The Horror (Original Mix)
-Audio- Ruffneck (Original Mix)
-Phace- Shitstorm (Original Mix)
-Phace- Blind Faith (Original Mix)
-Mediks – Come Back Down (Original Mix)
-Pegboard Nerds- 20K (Original Mix)
-Slogun, iOh, J-Tec – Wicked (feat. J-Tec) (Original Mix)
-Dirtyphonics- Walk in the Fire (Original Mix)
-Pendulum- Witchcraft (Rob Swires Drumstep Mix)
-Terravita – Up In The Club – Original Mix
-Redman, Break Science- Who Got It (feat. Redman) (Original Mix)
-Mr.Carmack- Birth Control (Original Mix)
-Jack Beats- About to Get Fresh (Brillz Remix)
-The Colonol- Heads Will Remix (Original Mix)
-Missy Elliot – Get Your Freak On (Gold Top Remix)
-Schlachthofbronx – Dickie Riddim feat. Warrior Queen (Original Mix)
-Three Loco- Neato [prod. by Nik Nikateen]
-The Hi-Yahs x Hydraulix- Dem 25s (Original Mix)
-DJ Hazard & D Minds- Mr Happy (Hydraulix Trap Remix) mstr
-Hazard, D Minds – Mr Happy – Original Mix
-Faction, Modified Motion- Charges (Supreme Being Remix 1)
-Drastik Measures – Fiyaahh – Original Mix
-Original Sin- Vegas (Original Mix)
-Original Sin- Therapy (VIP)
-Original Sin- Mad World

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