The Thirty Hertz Sessions 10-18-13

Download the episode below by right clicking on the link and choosing “Save Link As” or stream directly.

Welcome to another episode of the show. Bring you nothing but the freshest DnB to your ear drum for the next 2hrs. So get it locked where at Fokus we are taking over one bass line at a time.

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Friday from 6-8pm PST / 2-4 GMT &
you can also subscribe to the show via Itunes ;

-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
-Audio- Blackhole (Original Mix)
-NickBee – Animal Rage
-NickBee – Gain The Energy
-NickBee – Apollo 18
-Noisia, Evol Intent – The Liquid (Original Mix)
-Fourward- Black Tooth Grin (Original Mix)
-Nickbee – Era (Original Mix)
-Cruk- formula (Original Mix)
-Brian Brainstorm – Wheel Up
-Total Science- S.O.S. (Original Mix)
-Krome and Time- Ganja Man (S.P.Y. and Total Science Remix)
-Total Science, S.P.Y – Whoonga (Original Mix)
-Q Project, 8 Bits- Low End Theory (Original Mix)
-Total Science- Feel Me (Original Mix)
-Brian Brainstorm – Badman Clash
-Total Science, Kevin King, S.P.Y- Past Lives (Lenzman Remix)
-Kove- Searching (Original Mix)
-Critycal Dub- Devotion (Original Mix)
-DuoScience- Mode Of Living (Original Mix)
-Dave Owen- Mindrain (Original Mix)
-K Tee, Friction- Set It Off (Icicle Remix)
-Break- The Clamp – Original Mix
-Dub Head- Freestyle (Original Mix)
-7th Sense- Chromestar (Dabs Remix)
-Cause4Concern- Peepshow (Audio Remix)
-Cause4Concern- Headroom (Audio VIP)
-Phace- Vitreous (Original Mix)
-Phace- Shitstorm (Original Mix)
-Phace- Blind Faith (Original Mix)
-Noisia, The Upbeats- Dustup (Original Mix)
-Noisia, Mayhem- Drop the Funk (Original Mix)
-Konflict – Messiah (Noisia Remix)
-Noisia, Dom & Roland- Tajitsu – Original Mix
-Spirit, Digital- Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
-DJ Hazard- Time Tripping (Original Mix)
-Xtrah- Going Deeper (Original Mix)
-Mindscape, Chris.Su- Timerider (Original Mix)
-Trei- Two Minds (Original Mix)
-Wilkinson- Need To Know Feat. Iman (Original Mix)
-Mediks, Texas- Fast Lane (Original Mix)
-Skibadee, Lily McKenzie- Never Gonna Break (Sub Zero Remix)
-Camo & Krooked- Make The Call feat. TC (Drum & Bass Mix)
-Mediks – Come Back Down (Original Mix)
-Dirtyphonics- DIRTY (Metrik Remix)
-Metrik – Break of Dawn (Original Mix)
-John B, Code 64- The Journey (Metrik Remix)
-Metrik – Drift (Original Mix)
-Camo & Krooked- Aurora feat. Metrik (Original Mix)
-Camo & Krooked– All Night (Original Mix)
-Rockwell – Detroit (Original Mix)
-Optiv, CZA- Journey Inwards (Original Mix)
-Maztek – Limber (Optiv & BTK Remix)
-Ed Rush, Optical- Chubrub (Original Mix)
-Chris SU & Rido- Predator (Original Mix)
-Dose- Stamina
-I Am Legion- Dust Descends feat. Strange U (Original Mix)
-Break- Something New (Xtrah Remix) (Original Mix)
-Break- Hooked Up (Original Mix)
-Break- Slipstream (Original Mix)
-Stealth, Cold Fusion- Frontin (Original Mix)
-Agressor Bunx- Sleeping Sun (Original Mix)
-Cruk – Hardcore (Original Mix)
-Cruk- Punisher (Original Mix)
-Cause4Concern- Control Freak (Task Horizon Remix)
-task horizon- idrive fT. Mc Spyda

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