The Global Bass Sessions Ep. 127

Welcome to another episode of The Global Bass Sessions with your host Nick F.m a.k.a Flan Cholo. Doing what We do every first Saturday of the month.Bringing you nothing but the freshest bass music from around the globe ie. Zouk Bass, Cumbia, Moombah, Hip Hop & Twerk. So get it locked for the next 2hrs. Where at Fokus.Fm w’re taking over one bass line at a time.

Right click on the link below to download episode directly from this page.

Global Bass Sessions Ep. 127

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Saturday from 4-6pm PST / 12-2am GMT and


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No tracklisting this week guys sorry :/

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