The 33 & Me Mixtape

This is a compilation of 33 tunes that really inspire me on a weekly basis. The number 33 is significant for many reasons, but for me it is the presumed age of Jesus when he died. As a DJ & Producer. I really felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to put together not just a “Christian Hip Hop” mixtape, but an all around good mixtape. The lyrics go hard & are positive. Let alone the beats bang & keep those subs bumping. I took my time curating this mix & didn’t want to over saturate the mix with vocals tags & scratches. I wanted the listener to vibe out from start to finish, without some DJ / Producer screaming at them every 10mins. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and if so share it with people. All in all I spent 4 months working on this and feel I have completed what I intended on doing with help from the big man!! All Praises to GOD!!

1. To Die For Intro
2. Mouthpi3ce – Do It Like Paul
3. 116 – Now They Know Ft. Tedashii, KB, Derek Minor & Andy Mineo
4. YC – God is Good
5. YC – Pass On It
6. Swoope – Still
7. Canon – Over Doing It Again Ft. Datin ( Nick F.M. Edit)
8. Mouthpi3ce – Body For Body
9. Swoope – All The Time
10. Jered Sanders – Run My Fade
11. Datin – Move!
12. Derek Minor – It’s Not A Game Ft. Canon
13. YC – Pressure
14. Derek Minor – Going Up Ft. Canon
15. Stefanotto – Body Bag Ft. Datin
16. KB – Worship In The Moshpit (Nick F.M. DJ Edit)
17. Derek Minor – Slow Down Ft. Tedashii & Tony Tillman
18. Derek Minor – Ready Set Go
19. Mad Zach – Robo Grease Ft. Swoope (Nick F.M. Edit)
20. Flying Lotus – Black Balloons Reprise (Instr)
21. Thing – Witchcraft Dub Pt. 2 Ft. Kieran The Light (Nick F.M. Edit)
22. Flying Lotus – Using What you Got
23. YC – Furnace
24. Braille – Counter Attack (Instr)
25. Braille – Death in Me Ft. Theory Hazit
26. Yakballz – Freakshow (Instr)
27. Curtis Lamar – Christ Rules Ft. Datin
28. JGivens – Jackpot (Nick F.M DJ Edit)
29. Fat Joe – Safe 2 Say (Instr)
30. Braille – Calculated Risk
31. Braille – The IV
32. YC – Old Fool
33. Strange Outro

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