Nick F.M. Presents

THE Power Pack Vol. 1


Producer | DJ

About :

A producer, DJ, & Beat Set Rocker. A lover of dusty old Vinyl, Samplers, & Bass heavy music. Creating is where Nick F.M. finds his peace.

Music has always encompassed Nicks world. Growing up in the golden age of MTV. Being exposed to everything from Heavy Metal, Rock to Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, & Dance Music. Making music has always been with Nick since a young age. From starting to play the guitar at age 7, making pause beat tapes at 13, to producing Hip Hop & Bass music. The main theme has always been to create & curate & that’s what Nick does well.

What's in The Power Pack Vol. 1 :

-20 Banging Tunes! / 320 mp3

-12 remixes, 7 originals, & 1 bootleg / Mashup

-All Dancefloor ready

-Multi-Genre (Hip Hop, Drum N Bass, Dubstep, Electronic, Footwork, Jungle,

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