The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 111


Once again I welcome you to another 2hrs of that DnB madness. Sit back relax and enjoy
all that is good about the bass 😀 ..

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 111

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Friday from 6-8pm PST / 2-4 GMT

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Nick F.M- The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
Miskatonik (Joe Ford Remix) -Clock & Carvar
BLAKKA (170edit) -Clock & Carvar
Moving Together (TC Remix) -Document One, Maksim, Tigerlight
Predator (Original Mix) -The Upbeats
Forsaken (Original Mix)- Apashe, Dabin & Kai Wachi ft. Ariane Zita
SYZYGY (Original Mix)- Clock & Carvar
Machine Room (Original Mix)- Teddy Killerz
Cold War Zero Method-
Contemporary (feat Icicle)- MEFJUS
Anxious Icicle-
Mechatron -Zero Method
Spinout (Original Mix)- Quadrant
Move -Agressor Bunx
Dillirious (Original Mix)- Artificial Intelligence
Quiet Storm (Original Mix)- AMC & DBR UK
Killing the Light feat. Inne Eysermans (Icicle Remix)- Black Sun Empire
Monologue (Ulterior Motive Remix) -Black Sun Empire
Concrete Rose (feat. Enkline & Marvelous Southstar)- Tephra & Arkoze
Blackout- Legion & Logam
Blueprint (feat. Metropolis)- Alix Perez
Lost Contact -Ulterior Motive
Back and Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix)- Dabs & Safire
Delusion- DLR
Tugboat- DLR
Lost Hours VIP -Icicle
We Rollin (feat Korosiv)- NC-17 & Qo
Wrong Un -Stealth
Road Rage- Mindscape & BTK
Losing You (Dnb Mix)- Loadstar Ft. Jenn D
Burnin’ -Teddy Killerz & Nphonix
Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)- Rockwell
Floating Zero (Icicle Remix)- Noisia & Phace
Forgiven [feat. Peta Oneir] -Ulterior Motive
Biological Weapon (Original Mi- Zero Method, L 33
Killing the Light feat. Inne Eysermans (June Miller Remix)- Black Sun Empire
Subatomic Structure (Original -Zero Method
Right Here -Ult-erior Motive
Slow Down (VIP Mix) Break
Haunted Stars (Original Mix)- Prolix, Silent Witness
Jamaican Thug (Original Mix)- BassBrothers
Sociopath (Original Mix) –Gridlok, Prolix
Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix)- Noisia
Status Low- Break & Mikal
Shadows (Culprate Remix)- Addergebroed
Empathy (Original Mix)- June Miller
Elixir VIP SKisM-
Gambino (Original Mix)- DC Breaks
Here We Go Again (Original Mix)- Prolix
Frontin (Original Mix)- Stealth, Cold Fusion
Bounce Off -Dose
Bounce (Zero Method VIP) -Mindscape
Pulp Friction (Original Mix)- Jade
Hard Goin (Original Mix) -Cabin Fever Uk
Gangster (Original Mix)- Mampi Swift
Rzor (Friction Remix)- Addison Groove, Sam Binga
Back Again (Original Mix)- Rockwell
Detroit (Original Mix)- Rockwell
Kingpin Ft Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan (Rockwell Remix)-Skream, Friction, Riko Dan, Scrufizzer, P Money
Badman -Tropkillaz
I Got Style – Tropkillaz
Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) -Spirit, Digital
Babylon (TC Remix) DC Breaks-
No Diggity (Them Lost Boys Remix) -Blackstreet, Them Lost Boys
Three Loco Neato

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