The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 114


Once again I welcome you to another 2hrs of that DnB madness. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride & all that is good about those bass lines.

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 114

Once again I welcome you to another 2hrs of that DnB madness. Sit back relax and enjoy
all that is good about the bass 😀 ..

You can find The Thirty Hertz Sessions broadcasting live from our home over at http://www.Fokus.Fm every Friday from 6-8pm PST / 2-4 GMT

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Nick F.M- The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
Taxman-Rebirth (feat. Diane Charlemagn) (Hard Mix)
Taxman -Cool It Judy (Original Mix)
Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake- Holy Grail [BTK D&B Bootleg]
Prolix -Here We Go Again (Original Mix)
Ironlung- Screw Up (Cabbie Remix)
Teddy Killerz- New Drums VIP
Hive & Keaton- Bring It On – Original Mix
Nphonix, Paimon, Place 2B- Deadly Funk (Original Mix)
Nphonix, Teddy Killerz- Earth Shaker (Original Mix)
Black Sun Empire- Arrakis (Noisia Remix)
Axiom -Last Singapore Sling (Original Mix)
Zero Method, L 33 -Biological Weapon (Original Mi
Icicle -Anxious
Rawtekk-Photone Recruits (Phace Remix)
Kantyze- Colossus
Loko (UK)- Rage
Lynx -Take Back The Night (Original Mix)
Cabin Fever Uk- Hard Goin (Original Mix)
Mampi Swift- Gangster (Original Mix)
Callide & Intraspekt- Synthetic
Callide – Step Back Ft. Grooverider
Callide – Bad Dreams
Callide & Intraspekt – Equinox
Delphi Productions -Semi.Auto
Delphi Productions- Bulldozer
Artificial Intelligence- Dillirious (Original Mix)
AMC & DBR UK -Quiet Storm (Original Mix)
Zero Method -Mechatron
Ulterior Motive -Lost Contact
DLR -Tugboat
DLR -Delusion
DBR UK & J.Robinson- Garrison
DBR UK -kingston
Spirit, Digital- Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
Spirit -Wildfire
Aesthetics- Kush (Original Mix)
Jayline- Time to Play
Jaydan- Hello (Original Mix)
Jaydan- Right Now (Original Mix)
Taxman- Saturday Night Fever – Original Mix
Jaydan- The Death Dealer (Original Mix)
DJ Hazard- It’s a Secret (Original Mix)
Original Sin- Vegas (Original Mix)
Drastik Measures- Fiyaahh – Original Mix
Original Sin- Superman (Original Mix)
Original Sin- Mad World (Original Mix)
Original Sin- Therapy (VIP)
Dose -Bounce Off
Gridlok, Prolix- Sociopath (Original Mix)
Noisia- Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix)
DJ Fresh, Diplo, Dominique Young Unique- Earthquake (TC Remix)
The Colonol -Heads Will Remix (Original Mix)
Document One, Maksim, Tigerlight- Moving Together (TC Remix)
Dieselboy, Bare -Beyond Thunderdome (Original Mix)
Terravita -Lockdown (Bare Remix)
Porter Robinson -Spitfire – Kill The Noise Remix
Dodge & Fuski, Culprate- Vice (Phetsta Remix)
Fleur -Turn The Lights On (The Prototypes Vocal Mix)
Mediks -Cannibals feat. KJ Sawka (Original Mix)
Mediks -Come Back Down (Original Mix)
Camo & Krooked- Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex Remix)
Loadstar Ft. Jenn D -Losing You (Dnb Mix)
Loadstar -Bomber (Original Mix)
DC Breaks- Gambino (Original Mix)
The Upbeats- Predator (Original Mix)
Clock & Carvar- Miskatonik (Joe Ford Remix)
Apashe, Dabin & Kai Wachi ft. Ariane Zita- Forsaken (Original Mix)
Skrillex -Goin Hard

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