The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 118


Welcome to another episode of the show. Been awhile but we’re back with 3hrs of hard hittin bass music. Featuring Thirty Hertz resident DanielSon & myself. Giving you what you need when it comes to Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Breaks, etc. So get it locked & enjoy the ride.

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 118


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Nick F.M Tracklisting
-The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro- Nick F.M
-Disrupted -Emperor & Mefjus
-Signalz (Emperor Remix)- Mefjus
-Multiverse- Maztek & Cern
-Precursor (Mefjus Remix)- Emperor
-Lifer -Mob Tactics
-Hurtlocker (Computerartist Remix) -Forbidden Society, Coppa
-Eden (Original Mix) -Computerartist
-Jet Pack (Original Mix) -Prolix
-Friday The 13th feat. Coppa (Original Mix)- Mindscape, Jade, Coppa
-Origination -Raz
-Delikutt Beats (Jaydan Remix)- Fresh Kut
-Not Human (Original Mix)- Ironlung
-Pitch Fork (Original Mix) -LowRIDERz
-Sweet Vibrations (Original Mix)- Raz
-Tommy Gun (Original Mix)- Serum
-Out for da Milli (Annix Remix)- Funtcase
-Snake Bite feat. Ryme Tyme (Original Mix)- Optiv, BTK
-Rituals (Original Mix)- The Upbeats
-Brainfreeze (Neonlight VIP) -Black Sun Empire & Eye-D
-Set Theory (Original Mix)- Ed:It, Pennygiles
-Break- AMC & DBR UK
-Blue Room (Feat. Martyna Baker) -DLR & Script
-Bad Monday- Bohemian
-Brooklyn Dub- S.P.Y
-Gangsta Brown (Original Mix) -Jam Thieves
-Battle Scars (Original Mix) -Friction feat. Fourward & Jakes
-Mandroid (Original Mix) -Mediks & Shimon
-Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix)- I Am Legion
-Heads Up- Audio
-Above Earth (Original Mix)- State Of Mind, Chris.Su
-Here We Go Again (Original Mix)- Prolix
-The Virus (Original Mix) -Hizzleguy
-Bad Up The Town (Turno Remix)- DJ Sly, Pacso, Turno, David Boomah
-Aftershock (Original Sin Remix)- Schoolboy
-Therapy (VIP)- Original Sin
-Beyond Thunderdome (Original Sin VIP Mix)- Dieselboy & Bare
-The Jungle (Sub Zero remix)- SIGMA
-Run Riot (Sub Zero Remix) -Camo & Krooked
-Don’t Shake (Pegboard Nerds Remix)- Kairo Kingdom
-Breakdown VIP -Noisestorm
-Spitfire – Kill The Noise Remix -Porter Robinson
-Clap- Protohype & Jupiter Slap
-War Horse (Original Mix)- Gummy & Them Lost Boys
-Slingshot Remix -Gridlok & Prolix
-The Chopper (Calvertron Remix)- Downlink
-Shakedown -DC Breaks

DanielSOn No Tracklisting:

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