The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 123


Welcome to another episode of the show. As always I’ve got 2hrs of some of freshest Drum & Bass out New & Old tunes to delight your ear drums with. So get it locked for the next 2hrs, where at Fokus we’re taking over one bass line at a time.

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 123

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-Nick F.M- The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro
-Whats It Gonna Take -Soligen & Type-2
-Right Back (Break Remix) [feat. Sian Evans] -Dr Meaker
-Blue Room (Feat. Martyna Baker)- DLR & Script
-Shutter- Ed:it
-Fall Back (feat. Stapleton) (Original Mix)- Audio, Stapleton
-One At A Time -Dose & Cern
-Tu-Rok (Original Mix)- Release
-Objection VIP -Dabs
-Terra Nova -Dementia, Rregula & Incident
-Blacker (Original Mix)- D Minds, Strikez
-Detroit (Original Mix)- Rockwell
-1_2_3_4 -Rockwell
-Sick of It All- Rockwell
-INeedU -Rockwell
-Give it Up- Cabin Fever
-Higher Ground (Feat. T.R.A.C.)- Submorphics
-Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) -Spirit, Digital
-Killer- DJ Hybrid
-Frontin (Original Mix)- Stealth, Cold Fusion
-Riding The Void -S.P.Y
-The Lie- Jazzatron
-Your No Beggar (Original Mix)- Sr, Digbee
-Block Breaker (Original Mix) -Krakota
-Who Jah Bless – Original Mix -Serum, Bladerunner
-Night (Zinc remix) -Benga & Coki
-Can’t Go -Soligen & Type-2
-Grotbags (Original Mix) Mob Tactics
-Phase Align- Fourward
-12 Tonnes- Int Company
-Void Main Void- Emperor & Mefjus
-Machine Room (Original Mix)- Teddy Killerz
-The Moment Feat. Tasha Baxter (Original Mix)- Tasha Baxter, Joe Ford
-Losing You (Dnb Mix) -Loadstar Ft. Jenn D
-Strike One Part II (Original Mix)- Bluescreens
-Hideous (Disprove Remix)- Black Sun Empire, Noisia
-Toad Licker Ft. Spite -Task Horizon
-Disrupted -Emperor & Mefjus
-Gifeat. of Life -Dominator
-Bolivian Yeyo (Original Mix)- BassBrothers
-Fashion (Original Mix)- BassBrothers
-Ain’t No Pain (Original Mix) -Supreme Being
-Flava (Supreme Being Remix)- Recon
-Warp -Chromatic
-Warn Dem Jungle (Original Mix-) 6Blocc
-Running Blind (Original Mix) Noisia-
-Arrakis (Noisia Remix) -Black Sun Empire
-Neo (Audio Remix)- Hive
-Gambino (Original Mix)- DC Breaks
-Robotoddler -Task Horizon

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