The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 126


Welcome to another episode of the show. As always We’ve got 2hrs of some of freshest 140 Jungle, Dubstep and DnB out, with New and Old tunes to delight your ear drums with. Myself and fellow Thirty Hertz Crew resident DanielSon will be taking you on his bass journey this week. So get it locked for the next 2hrs, where at Fokus we’re taking over one bass line at a time.

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 126

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-Nick F.M The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro

..::DanielSon’s Set::..
No TRacklisting

..::Nick F.Ms Set::..

-Civil War (Feat. Jamakabi) (Original Mix)- Sleeper
-Badness Ting -Haze
-Man a Talk (Original Mix) -Serial Killaz
-Triller – Original Mix- MRK1
-Ill Minded -Soap Dodgers
-Hard – Caspa & The Others ‘The Police Takeover Remix’ -“Breakage, Newham Generals, David Rodigan”
-Under Control (Original Mix)- Bukez Finezt
-Spook (Olie Bassweight Remix)- Truth
-Caffeine Icicle-
-Paleolithic (Original Mix) -Genetix
-Arkun Stone (Original Mix)- Soundproof
-Colossus- Disonata & BadKlaat
-Live From The Future V.I.P Ft. Joe Raygun- Seven
-Deep Architecture (Foundation Mix)- “Resound, LA Johnson, Baddesley”
-Against All Odds -Clima
-Love Ya Mother -PA
-Multiple Hits -PA
-Mk Q -DJ Hazard
-Cola Cubes (Original Mix)- “Jinx, K Jah”
-Butterfly Stroke (Majistrate Remix) -DJ Guv
-Walk the Walk- FILTHY HABITS
-Cape Fear- Serum
-Juice- SERUM
-Scanners (Original Mix)- Lyptikal
-A Little Mad -BassBrothers
-Killer -DJ Hybrid
-Bricks Don’t Roll- DJ Hazard
-Wiretap -SERUM
-Extra Minutes (Original Mix)- DuoScience
-Lost Child (Noisia Remix) -Momoiro Clover
-Headroom (Audio VIP) -Cause4Concern
-MDMX -Gridlok & Dieselboy

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