The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 132


Welcome to another episode of the show. This we’re rockin 3hrs of some of freshest Drum and Bass out New and Old tunes to delight your ear drums with. So get it locked for the next 3hrs with DanielSon and myself , where at Fokus we’re taking over one bass line at a time.

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The Thirty Hertz Sessions Ep. 132

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-Nick F.M – The Thirty Hertz Sessions Intro

..::DanielSon Set::..
-Marcus Visionary -Cold Sound (Blue Note Tribute Mix) (Original Mix)
-Johnny Osbourne, Terry Ganzie, Marcus Visionary”- Hanging Tree (Original Vocal Mix)
-Tom & Jerry -All Of My (Aries Remix)
-Calibre -Archive (Original Mix)
-Calibre, Chimpo”- Start Again VIP (Original Mix)
-Calibre, Chimpo”- Start Again (Original Mix)
-Clark Cable -Secret Of The Loom (Junior SP & FLeCK Remix) (Original Mix)
-NC-17, Soul Culture”- Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
-Shuta -Danger (Original Mix)
-The Run Tingz Cru -Informer (Aries Jungle Remix)
-Marcus Visionary, Keon Love” Good Vibes feat. Keon- Love (Original Mix)
-Aries & Gold, Johnny Osbourne” -In Your Eyes (Aries & Gold Remix)
-Serial Killaz -Send Dem (Original Mix)
-Serial Killaz – Gutter Skank – Original Mix
-Fresh -Gatekeeper – Original Mix
-DJ Tricky- Old Times (Original Mix)
-DJ Fresh & Jay Fay feat. Ms Dynamite- Dibby Dibby Sound (Sigma Remix)
-Fleck, Junior SP” -Anansie (Original mix)
-Johnny Osbourne, Marcus Visionary”- Jah Promise (Original Vocal Mix)
-Ed Solo -English Queens
-Youngman, Mark System”- Hold It (Original Mix)
-Fracture, Mark System” -“Yeah, But… (Original Mix)”
-Mark System -Tension (Original Mix)
-Martsman- Halow (Original Mix)
-Blue Hill- Get Out feat. Lutan Fyah (FLeCK Remix)
-King Ital- What A Gwaan (FLeCK Remix)
-Mako- The Gully feat. Sine (Original Mix)
-Spirit, Digital”- Creeper (Original Mix)
-Die & Break- Grand Funk Hustle (Original Mix)
-Die, Break”- Slow Down (Original Mix)
-Break -Slow Down (VIP Mix)
-Taxman -Falling Down (Original Mix)
-Marcus Visionary, Keon Love” -The Sound Killing Tune (feat. Keon Love) (Original Mix)
-Fleck, Junior SP” -Corrosive (Original mix)
-Serial Killaz, YT”- Save Mi Life feat. YT (Remix)
-Breakage -Come With It
-Breakage -Staggered Dub (Original Mix)
-DJ Madd- To The Massive (DJ Vapour Remix)
-Badweed Junglist Pretty Look (Original Mix)
-WILDLIFE COLLECTIVE, The aka ED SOLO” -No No No (You Don”t Love Me)
-Wakcutt, Cain.1″ -International Farmer (Original Mix)
-COMMIX -Be True
-Sigma Baltimore
-Jakes -Swerve – Original Mix
-Chimpo- Manchester Anthem (Silver VIP Remix)
-Dapz -Energy – Original Mix

..::Nick F.M Set::..
-Navigator- Inequity Worker (Code Red Remix) (2014 Remix)
-Navigator- Kingston 11 (Code Red Remix) (2014 Remix)
-Kitcha- Crazy (Original Mix)
-Kitcha -Zero Stops (Original Mix)
-Fretman feat. MAMF- The Tunnel
-BassBrothers- Fashion (Original Mix)
-Decimal Bass- Battle Station
-Hizzleguy- The Virus (Original Mix)
-Decimal Bass- XTC
-Dominator- Purge (Original Mix)
-Ironlung – Screw Up
-Rowney & Propz -One False Move
-DJ Hazard- Mk Q
-Kitcha- One for the Trouble (Original Mix)
-Klax- Hoodrat
-Break- Coming 4 U
-Jaguar Skills & Chords- Lust (Break Remix)
-Break -Duck For Cover (Original mix)
-Mav -Ocean Phantom (Nickbee Remix)
-Giocator -Fate of The Unfaithful (Original Mix)
-Dabs and Amoss -stendhal
-Dillinja- Nasty Ways (Original Mix)
-Gridlok & Dieselboy- MDMX
-Ed Rush Scarabs-
-Ulterior Motive -Keep It Moving
-Unsub -Blenheim (Original Mix)
-Key, Naibu”- Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
-Erb N Dub- Paper Chasing
-Mob Tactics- The Answer (feat. Lauren Johnson)
-Dr Meaker- Fighter (Unreal Remix)
-Coppa- Overtake (LIVEWIRE REMIX)
-Moko -Your Love (Culture Shock Remix)
-Camo & Krooked- Aurora feat. Metrik (Original Mix)
-Camo & Krooked -All Night (Original Mix)
-TC -Everything For A Reason (Ivy Lab Remix)
-Random Movement & Jaybee- Open Circuit (Original Mix)
-Eastcolors -Murderer (Audio & Meth Remix)
-Ed Rush- Boxcar
-Command Strange Ft Artificial Intelligence & Jamakabi -Dismiss
-A Sides- Swamp (Original Mix)
-Soligen & Type 2 -Biology

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